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Lord Maturan, the designer, wanted me to achieve dark eyes and ponytailed hair for the model.
I first used Cork eyeshadow from MAC cosmetics to enhance her crease and extended it near the bridge of the nose. I use this trick for the models to get this deep set eye effect then, I added black eyeshadow to achieve the dark eye peg. Thick eyebrows are very stunning. Advice: Follow the natural form of your eyebrows, don't get it done to much to avoid it from looking too fake. The natural, the better. Thick eye brows make you look even more younger.

Finished it with a thick eyeliner and bronzed her cheek to enhance her cheekbone and nude lips on the go.

And the final look. Isn't the dress amazing? Lord Maturan's creations always WOW me! There were a lot of pieces shown on that day. Actually, it was so hard to choose which is the best. 

I hope our mentor/designer Lord Maturan, will win in the contest. Finger crossed everyone.

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