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Seventeen Pt. 1

Last July 16th, Monday, I thought I would be just an ordinary day for me. No celebrations on that day yet, still doing sewing exercises at school. Just a plain usual day of my life but still thankful to God for giving me another chapter to celebrate and live life to the fullest not until my friends greeted me with sweet and thoughtful messages, the gifts, cakes and most of all, the time shared with the laughters and everything. A gift from Mara. Thank you Mar!
Thank you Nikki for the effort that's why you came in late at class. Aweeee!!
From Joy, Xhyca and Kuya Kevin. Thanks.
Chocolate from ate cefane :) Too much sweets this time.

3 of my friends visited me at school and asked for some time to go on a sing-a-long. Yes, I do sing! I am a frustrated singer.  Got reunited with some of my high school classmates.

Thanks to my friends who made my day :) I am very happy that you all are part of my life. Thank you, till next birthdays to come!

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