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Seventeen Pt. 2

Last July 20th, I celebrated my 17th birthday with my FIDA family at Golden Cowrie Lahug. I decided to just have a simple dinner to get a be more close to them even though were not complete. We had talks, chikas and laughters.
Striking a pose before eating time. I think us Pinoys are really like this especially when it comes to gatherings. Taking pictures before eating time and most especially the... food! Instagram lang ang peg.

I think it's obvious in this photo. Elle's very hungry hahahaha.

Blow the candle! 1, 2, 3, phewww!

Another photo after dinner. Typical Pinoys do this, I swear!
After dinner, we strolled at I.T. Park then went to Krispy Kreme for some pampalipas oras and some good doughnuts. Life's good.

With the beautiful girls, Aloha and Elle. Stayed so late but enjoyed our time before the night ends.

With Cefane and Jeemah. Thank you for the doughnuts.
Thank you all for coming and making my Seventeenth a worth it and happy day. Thank you God most especially for everything, the blessings, my family and good life. Till next birthdays to come.

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