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Skull On My Back

Raining cats and dogs? No, not anymore. Little sunshine has appeared already. Although dark skies still occur, I'm very sure that there will be no more rain. I sound like a weather forecaster now. Eeeeep
 Sorry, I got a weird pose in this photo. Forgive me.

Wondering were I got this shirt? I got this from DKNY. Actually, I never used this shirt for ages and since I feel lazy for dressing up, I spiced up this shirt with my D.I.Y. skull on my back. I really had a hard time doing the cutouts on my shirt.

Insert Sexy Back song. I wonder what would Justin Timberlake say.

Aizilym rings and fish scale bracelet | From Thailand red bracelet

Forever 21 necklace and boots | Donna Karan New York shirt | Human acid wash jeans

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