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Woven and Stripes

Bench umbrella

Cebu has been experiencing crazy weather these days due to the storm in Luzon. By crazy, I mean you get to experience a little sunshine in the morning and later, it disappears and then dark skies and little amount of rain fall occurs. Not to mention food spilling, bad hair day due to the strong blow of the wind and crappy photo qualities due to lack of natural light. Major bummer right?

It's always important for every person to have an umbrella inside his or her bag but make sure it's enough to cover yourself from the rain and at the same time, to avoid the dilemmas caused by the crazy weather. Yes I call it crazy but I still love it. I still want the same weather everyday. Sometimes, I just don't feel like having the presence of the super hot sun.

Now, onto the outfit. I got this button down from Forever 21 Men it's actually woven and it has it's sheer effect. In order for me to feel bare enough and to avoid the cold weather, I wore this nautical stripes shirt inside from Penshoppe. Now, it has cool effect to my outfit. 

Forever 21 button down, skinny jeans and boots | Penshoppe nautical stripes shirt

Aizilym brown leather bracelet | Forever 21 royal blue bracelet

Aizilym collar necklace | Forever 21 triangle necklace

Bed weather, coffee and movies for a cold weather?
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