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Beach Eech

If you've been following me on Instagram or on Twitter or probably read my previous posts, I'm sure you know where I am in this post. Piece of advise: You can play Starships by Nicki Minaj while reading this post.

When you're in the beach you always want to feel the breezy and fresh air. For that, I wore a tank top which I really love because of it's cool color which also matches the skies and the blue waters of the beach. If you want a perfect tan line, I advise you aside from wearing a bikini (if you're a girl), wear a tank top. But if you don't want to get lots of exposure from the sun that can cause sunburn you can always wear a shirt. Anything that suits your taste. And of course, pair it with your favorite board shorts. This time, I'm wearing my all time favorite board shorts. Ever!

Bench slippers

Folded and Hung board shorts (a.k.a. my favorite shorts)

Penshoppe brown bracelet | Aizilym green bracelet and anchor ring | Forever 21 blue bracelet | WAGW skull ring

SM Accessories hat | Nivea sunblock | Forever 21 shades

Of course, always remember the beach essentials.

1.  To avoid much heat, you can always opt to wear a fedora hat. SM Accessories has a lot in store for you. 

2. If you're to concerned about your skin color, always wear a sunblock that has enough SPF coverage for the entire day. I'm using Nivea. This also helps prevent the harmful rays of the sun.

3. The avoid the scorching look from the scorching sun, wear a wayfarer or anything of your choice. You now look good in cameras.

Excited to go to the beach? I hope that piece of advise was able to help you. I can't wait for my next beach trip and get soaked in the sand.

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