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During the holiday, I went to Dolce Cebu just to procrastinate and hang with my cousins. It's just actually a walking distance from my home. Plus you get to view the beautiful city of cebu. The landscape is to perfect to tell. I even shot a photo of an airplane in the sky. Our neighborhood is getting more interesting now. You get to choose a lot of restaurants already from Korean, Pinoy, Mediterranean cuisine, Italian and etc. 
This landscape caught my attention. You know what's lacking? A horse perhaps. Haha
Ordered my favorite red velvet. This time, I have red velvet in cake. It tastes like heaven! Perfect! I even wanted to take another order but... I'll sound so matakaw (in English, hungry or greedy).
After I took a bite, this too caught my attention. If it's not too hot outside, I could have endure the heat and stayed up there. Sosyal ang dating ng place. You get the summery feeling especially with the fresh breeze of the air.
Now, onto the outfit. We always do feel lazy during the holidays right? Don't you? In prior to that, it's always better to just relax, pamper ourselves from all the stress and loads of work. With this, I feel lazy in dressing up too. I just grabbed my long sleeve and matched it with skinny jeans plus accessories and BAM! I'm ready to go.
Claire's shades
Forever 21 long sleeve | From Singapore necklace
Converse shoes
Guess skinny jeans | KJ Haus of Accessories BlackBerry case
Aizilym rings | Forever 21 spike bracelet | Claire's plaid bracelet with studs
I feel like I'm on top of the world in this photo with the beautiful scene of the city at my back. Such a beautiful place. Wait till you experience it too.
I can't wait for my next visit there. I swear it will be worthwhile.

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