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Furne One Finally!

Let me start this post with a fashionable quote by Alix Barton.
What welcomed us aside from the greetings, is this. A quote from Alix Barton and The Shades of Grés competition joined by different young designers here in Cebu. In this competition, they get to show case their talent through designing and making a dress inspired my Madam Grés signature design which involves a lot of pleats. Elegance and substance all in one. Patience and hard work is highly required.

We're all very excited to see the exhibit of the one and only and Furne One; a Dubai based designer from the Queen City of the South, my hometown, Cebu City, Philippines. I'm so proud as you may say. My hands are already itching to see and touch every single details of his creations. Was even rushing and walking very fast to relieve my excitement. The place was even lighted well and surrounded with a very dramatic background music. I feel like I'm in Dubai or somewhere... Heaven probably.

One of my favorites. Every detail of this gown amazes me. I can't even stop staring at this during the exhibit. Ahhhhh! Having this designer feeling inside me. Lol.

Here's another favorite pick of mine. Worn by Nicki Minaj. 
Seriously, seeing and touching all of his creations felt like I've also touched Katy, Nicki, Shakira and etc. Seeing his creations even motivated me and inspire me study harder.
After the exhibit, we headed to the Bazaar where in you get to see designer pieces sold at a very low price. Isn't that amazing? I'm seeing, Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada and many more. Such a pain in the wallet isn't it?

Oh wait, is that Karla Henry at the back? Hmmm. Sneaky me.

That tall girl I think is Anna Igpit. Even the bazaar is star studded, shall I say? So, what are your picks during the bazaar?