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A beautiful sunrise. That's what I love about traveling at dawn, you get to catch the beautiful, sweet and astounding sunshine. This reminds me of summer wherein the sun is up and shining so bright and you wan't to rush in the beach. Well in this post, let me all just take you to the beach.

We were all asleep during the travel not until we saw the mountains, the sun, and the super crazy road. Who doesn't get to open their eyes widely with that? Although the trip was tiring and all our butts we're horribly aching, it was all worthwhile.

When you're in the city, you only got 10-25% chance to catch a scenario like this. But in Moalboal, I felt like I'm in a butterfly sanctuary. The place is filled with pure beauty and you feel the real essence of nature. Fresh air + No pollution = Perfect getaway.

After the artsy photos in the "land", we went to the beach. If you know me personally, you can testify how I love the beach. We first stayed at Basdaku Beach Resort. Who would expect in this kind of beach resort with white sand, clear waters, and perfect view would have only an entrance fee of P5.00 and a cottage that only costs P200.00. That's very affordable. Agree?

Late in the afternoon, we moved to Panagsama wherein there are lots of beach resorts too because we can't bear the heat already. We stayed at Cora's Palm Court. The beach was good too. We spent our overnight stay at the resort.

Another set of artsy photos. Haha

Hearing the sound of the waves by the beach feels so relaxing. Just perfect time to relax from school and get pampered for the upcoming week. Such a good time to spend the holiday.

Late at night, we went to the plaza just a few minutes away from our resort. We chilled for a while and watched the very beautiful view of the moon and the beach. It was really cold and windy that time that it served as the blow-drier for my wet hair.

Pardon my read face. My back and face were sunburnt but it was all worth the ride.