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Sprockets Cafe

Who's hungry here? I bet you are. Oops, it's okay! Don't be shy. I know you are. If you love food, eating and etc. Well, I suggest you to try Sprockets Cafe. They have wide variety of food from pasta, pizza, dessert and many more. And oh! if you're a milktea lover, this is the perfect spot for you. In this post I hope I won't make you even more hungry.

Guess what are those cool stuff? Those are their menu. 

Even their furniture are very comfortable plus these camera pillows makes it even more cozier. Isn't in interesting? I recommend this place for you guys who loves to eat, chill and procrastinate. They even play movies.

Even this couple are enjoying their food and the movie. Sweet! Well, it's time for me to dig in. Food's served.

So, Seph Cham of www.lovechic.com.ph recommended me to try their Machos Nachos and Fettupasta in Pesto Cream during their stay here in Cebu. My favorite now is this Machos Nachos. I really love nachos. Swear! (my stomach is now growling. grrrr) Very appetizing.

For my main course, I had Fettupasta in Pesto Cream. Hmmm. What can I say? I'm speechless. This is... TO DIE FOR. Yes, the all caps effect is mandatory.

I tried their Strawberry Milktea and when I tasted it, feels like I'm on cloud 9. I can say that I like this among any other milkteas because you get to taste more of the flavor rather than the tea. And if you're conscious about your sugar or if you're diabetic perhaps,  you also get to choose the sugar level of your like.

Even this little kid enjoyed his food. Isn't it obvious?

They also got this wall filled with photographs from different people who have been in Sprockets. Well, I tried posting something there too. Find it! 

Oh by the way, if you don't know where it is located, Sprockets Cafe is located at J Block Apitong Street Cebu City, Cebu 6000, Philippines.

I hope you'll try dining at Sprockets. Tell me about it then. Ciao!

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