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Jun Escario, An Act of Fashion

"Backstage is where the real magic is". I second to that. During Jun Escario's "An Act of Fashion" show, I was one of the 6 assistants from FIDA for the event. This was my first experience being at a backstage during a fashion show. I believe that the real magic is really there. Promise!
First task; we need to familiarize everything. Yes! Everything! From the models name, shoes, certain accessories and most of all, the clothes.
I love all the accessories during the show from the gold neckpieces, tassels and so with the shoes. 
Jun Escario's creations that night really wowed me, all of us perhaps. Very simple yet elegant. My favorite was the wedding gown. Keep reading till you see it.

My favorite part, hair and make-up.
Queen World, Christmond Biano.
I had fun watching the hair makeup artists did their work. I think they worked for almost or more than 7 hours to achieve the look for all the models. Tiring isn't it?
And that's Anna Maris Igpit.

And... It's show time!
Last minute check. Gari Son in action. Very talented. He's the one behind the hair and makeup. Very Alexander McQueen ang peg.
See? I told you! I'm really loving his creations. Very simple yet elegant. Clap clap clap!
My favorite and the finale piece for the show, the wedding gown. Winner sa ruffles and details. Super bet! Modeled by Queen World 2011, Christmond Biano.

Finally, lafangan (eating) time. I bet this is the second most awaited part after the fashion show. Aminin! Gutom ka na! Ako din!
Nikkie and Edward James Castro. Edward was the 2nd runner up winner during the Shades of Grés competition.
 Diet? Not now. Haha.
My classmates with Queen World, Christmond Biano and Queen World, Bee Urgello. She's wearing a Cary Santiago creation that night.

The show was even star studded. This time, I finally got to meet Miss Bee Urgello, reigning Queen of Cebu 2012 in person. My eyes were dazzling. She is super-duper-ultra-mega-to-the-highest-level beautiful. As in! Swear!

Us with the designer, Jun Escario! Congratulations, job well done. Kudos to everyone who became part of the show. Till next show. Can't wait.

PS, this is my last post before I'll be on a long hiatus. If you've read my previous post, I'll be flying to Manila for Philippine Fashion Week and our tour as well. But I will be posting banner on my blog regarding updates of the Philippine Fashion Week. Promise ko, when I get back, I'll blog and blog. See you soon!


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