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Manila Photo Diary Pt. 1

Blurry photo of the city but it's one of my favorite views ever.
Where we stayed for 6 days. I really loved our stay in our hotel. Perfect and perfect buffet. Nakakasira ng diet ang kanilang buffet.
Peaceful place. You get to see the view of the sea, bikers early in the morning and joggers as well. Fresh air and clear sky made it perfect.
Excited for shopping and lunch.
Before shopping, we had our lunch at Congo Grille. MOA was packed with lots of crowd. We were even confused where to dine because almost all of the restaurants were full. (*stomach growling)
Of course, after lunch what else is new? Eh di, shopping time. Lumabas na naman ang pagka shoppingero / shoppingeras namin. First stop, Cotton On. This place was one of my to-visit place since I found out that it just opened here in Manila. Comfy clothes for affordable price? Present!
My kind of heaven, Topman! I wish they could bring Topman to Cebu too!
Hello! Welcome to UNIQLO! Is what you can always hear from the people working there. Very accommodating as well. Cute clothes + comfortable = Perfect. The store is very big that you can get lost inside it. Please bring UNIQLO to Cebu. Wishful thinking...
My Dairy Milk experience. Candid kung candid!
Tadaaaaaaa! The view in our hotel room, if you're one of my followers in Instagram, I'm sure you've seen a lot of this. That's actually one of the few rides in the bay area. Just a walking distance from our hotel. I highly recommend Microtel.
While waiting for our ride at Vikings. First day of our stay was already fun. Tried 2 rides at the bay area and it was hella fun.
After Vikings, we tried the Nessi Coaster. Lumabas din pagka inner super heroes namin. Even we didn't have enough sleep, we still challenged ourselves. Ending, sleepless night and sleepy mornings.  

This made me miss Manila already and my friends. Can't wait to share other photos of our trip. Keep posted. See you again.

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