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Manila Photo Diary Pt. 2

 Getting ready for the first day of our tour. The buffet was very yummy. Decided to eat a lot cos we will be needing lots of energy for the whole day tour and for the Philippine Fashion Week show at night. Never mind the diet.
First day of our tour. Manong driver played Destiny's Child concert. Pampa energy din.
First stop was at University of the Philippines Diliman. There, we've seen different collections of Baro't Saya since the old times. Designers of some certain clothes weren't even noticed due to its vintage-ness maybe.
 Went to Lucban Hats too at Marikina. We've seen the processes on how to make the hats. Lucban Hats were even exported to different countries.The hats reminds me of Tessa Valdez and Kate Middleton.
If you know me well, you can say that I'm a hat person too. I love hats especially the fedora ones. If I'm lazy enough to do my hair routine, I just grab my fedora hat then I'm good to go. #fashionbloggerproblems.
Went to a shoe factory too.
Those are some of the finished products. Marikina is known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines in case you don't know that.
Went to a shoe museum too. That photo, yes that photo filled with lots of shoes are some of the shoe collection of Imelda Marcos. Isn't that alot? Aminin, gusto mung magkaroon ng ganyang kadaming sapatos. If Imelda Marcos was a fashion blogger during her time, I'm sure, she's on the top.
Feels like I'm in Hollywood.
That's it for the 2nd part of my Manila Photo Diary. More photos coming soon.

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