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The Hungry Panther

You wanna piece of me? Or, you want my buddy in my shirt to have a taste of you? Now, am I fierce enough? Notttt. Enough of all my questions folks. Let's get back to the main point, my look. I always love to channel edginess, fierce or something rock-ish. Need I say more? Well, I hope I was able to achieve the edginess in me.
Forever 21 pointed finger ring, Aizilym ring, Salvatore Mann bag
Lord Maturan blazer, Zara shirt
Penshoppe pants, Forever 21 boots
When I saw this shirt at Zara, I guess I call it love at first sight. Yeeeee. I'm always in love with printed shirts. Aside from it being in today, it has this fierce vibe in it too. Hmmmm, tasty! Says the panther on my shirt.
(*cracks) I feel like I broke my neck in this pose. I shall call this break a neck pose. Just tilt your neck to the highest level, boom! Instant fierce look. #lakasmakabreakaneck

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