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Manila Photo Diary Pt. 4

Pizza after a show. Food tripping will never be forgotten.
Oh how I love fireworks. That's why I love out hotel room you get to see the perfect view during day and night. Makes me wanna stay there forever. (*Insert Firework by Katy Perry here).
Wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom but since it's far away from where we stayed, we opted to go to Star City instead. One of the best parts of my Manila stay. I really love amusement parks and crazy rides. I love adventures so much. The next time we get back, we'll surely go to Enchanted or go back to Star City. Always a kid at heart. Forever young.
Tried this outdoor ride; Star Frisbee. This is actually our second ride. This has been the most scariest ride ever. I feel like I can touch the clouds and my face gets so halloween-ish every time it goes down and sway again and again.
Third ride, the Jungle Splash.
 My favorite so far, the Surf Dance. We tried this ride for 2 times. It was funny and scary at the same time.
Went inside this with no hesitations. Was the one who dragged my friends to go inside and luckily, we were able to survive and got no bites from the monsters (*ano raw?). Thanks to my neon spike bracelet for glowing in the dark and serving as my light. #fashionemergency We felt like we lost our voice from screaming and having a mini heart attack. (*insert heartbeat sound effect).
View from the roof deck pool. Decided to have a quick dip before another show.
Ahhhh! I love the view here. Makes me wanna stay for long.

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