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Rawr Print

Does the print on my shirt scream Rawrrrrrrrrrrr!!? Oh well, who says cheetah prints are for girls only? Glad Topman has this kind of shirt. It's even my first time to wear animal printed clothes. When I saw this on the rack, never hesitated to grab it since I wanted to try something new. #lakasmakaanimalprint. Confident na confident! Another night time outfit shot. You know what I mean.
You might have seen my wear this Guess jeans most of the time in my outfit shots. Aside from this being my favorite, this is the only skinny jeans that fits well or the perfect leg hugging type of jeans. Usually, men sizes for pants starts at 29 to 31 plus but my waistline is just 25 or 26 which is a big problem of mine. #alamna. I'm also telling you not to be afraid of repeating clothes as well, even Kate Middleton repeats her clothes. Why don't you? Unless you're super duper rich and have endless items from sponsors. #ikawnatalaga.
Aizilym necklace
Aizilym bracelets and black connector ring, Forever 21 finger ring
Forever 21 blazer, Topman shirt, Guess jeans

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