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Holiday Red

When the word Christmas/holiday comes into my mind, I usually think of colors-different shades of red, green, silver, gold and more holiday colors. In this ensemble, I chose the color red. We all know that the color red represents hotness and since the cold weather has finally arrived, why not dress up to add that warmth feeling? For me, you'll look extra gallant with red. But, please don't beat the cold winds away.
Ahhhhhhh! Are these socks joyous/Christmas-y enough? LOL. Forever 21 always has the best socks instore for you. Not to mention almost all of my socks are from Forever 21. Aside from them being very creative when it comes to the style, it's also very comfortable enough. Super! Try it. You're feet might be addicted to these socks. LOL! Although we are living in a tropical country, these socks are never a hindrance for the cold season. We still experience the Christmas breeze you know. Lakas maka lusot. HAHA!
In the end, Christmas isn't about the money you spend on each other, the fireworks, the decorations nor the food and drinks! Jesus is the reason for the season. Let's remember what this season is all about. Have a Merry Christmas in advance guys!

Oxygen shirt and pants
Aizilym spiked bracelet
 Claire's studded bracelet
WAGW reindeer ring.
People Are People shoes