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It's A Student Thing

You know you love me! XOXO, Gossip Girl. Sounds familiar to you right? Are you one of the saddened one's because Gossip Girl just had to end? (*Yes! END. Why oh why? :( ) I'm sure you were all even shocked how Dan is the Gossip Girl. Sorry If I spilled the beans I just can't help but share to you how Gossip Girl ended. If you're an intimate fan of the series, I'm sure we'll all gonna miss them. If you haven't watched the last episode yet, better hurry and watch now. Okay let's get to the real deal before this post becomes a bore stiff.
Way back when I was still a freshman, Gossip Girl has been already my favorite TV show. I am always amazed by the clothes they wear and most of all their fashion statement. Do you still remember Blair's cute headbands when they were still in high school? Ahhh, I miss that. The reality of the situation is that they were even my fashion inspirations back then until now. I was even proud as a peacock when I was able to do a D.I.Y. Blair inspired headband for my classmate back then. Yes, I was that addicted to the show and I can never condemn them for letting me sleep late.
To complete this student-ish ensemble, I grabbed my nerdy glasses. This accessory serves as the main ingredient for my look. #uglybettyangpeg.
Oshkosh polo
 Penshoppe blazer
Forever 21 glasses and jeans
From Bazaar bracelet
Converse shoes (old)


  1. I haven't even seen the entire episode of the last season! I'm still sad it's over.

  2. i finally followed your blog. haha! oh my, i must really watch GG na!