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Velvet and Suede

Finally I am able to post after a short hiatus. I'm probably still feeling the freedom from the Holidays. I still feel lazy though and not think about school yet. Sinulog is even fast approaching and I'm so stoked for it. Why not take a little flashback of what happened last year? But of course I still have to sneak in outfit shots. Must. Focus.
I'm sure we all have those days that we say "I'm-so-lazy-to-dress-up-today". Well if you haven't, that 's an A+ for you. In this case, I'd always love to develop a clean and simple ensemble and just throw a pop of color into your look for it not be obvious that you're really lazy. In this case, I just grabbed a v-neck shirt and this acid wash jeans for that extra comfy feel throughout the day. Since you're lazy, I'm sure you also need to feel comfortable in doing all errands. Comfort, then style. If you want your look to be extra special, why not throw in your favorite jacket?
Yayyyyy! Sinulog is almost here. Few days left and we can already witness the colorful celebration where in you get to witness colorful floats, street dancers, artists and many more. Sinulog is getting bigger and better each year.
Truly, it's more fun in Cebu, Philippines! There are even photo booths on streets.
That's a huge mascot! HAHA!
Bench v-neck
 Tommy Hilfiger jacket
 Human acid wash jeans
People Are People shoes
Aizilym bracelet
Great music, great people! I'm sure you don't want to miss Rhipstop in Baseline this year. Once you've experienced the crown, I'm sure you'll always look for it! I'm not going to spill all the beans. Wait 'til you experience it, it's worth ride!
If you don't wanna miss the best party down south perhaps in the whole Philippines, come now and experience Sinulog invasion!