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I Scream Summer

Hooray for this late summer post! Two thumbs up for me anyone? Finally, the summer feel came into my blog despite of the rainy season already here in the Philippines. Better late than never right? Okay, let's just pretend that it's still summer here in the Philippines and the sun is still shining so bright.
Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, it always give you that spring/summer feel almost everyday in your life. You can always see people wearing basics like a shirt, tank top, shorts but no fur, thick leather jackets and knee-high boots. Nobody wants to soak themselves in sweat right? I can even wear tank tops everyday if it's still sunny but since rainy season has come it's way, it's time to protect yourself from the rain and the cold wind.
Relic water resistant watch
Aizilym bracelet
Hurley board shorts
Cotton On slippers
Coppertone sunblock
Terranova mirrored sunnies
Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm
Does this look cute and exciting at the same time? Although my age isn't appropriate in this part of the waterpark, I still tried to enjoy myself here like a little kid once again. I told you! I'm such a sucker for waterparks!
Tadaaaaa! See that three ginormous slide over there? At first, we were very hesitant to try it out since it looks so scary and maybe it's really scary when you try it! But since, the adventurous side of me is telling me to try it, well, I finally grabbed some rubber mat to ride on and tried the white slide first! After my first try, it keeps telling me to keep coming back for more. Then I tried the green one, and lastly, the heart racing white and red slide. It's really fun trust me and it's definitely one for the books. Why not try listing this in your bucketlist?
e needed no matter what and I'm glad Familia, a buffet restaurant has a lot in store from different cuisines and from appetizers to desserts. Here goes my happy tummy again.
Here's a shot of Imperial Palace at night. Still looking so gorgeous and amazing. If time permits, I wish to go back here again. I will miss summer!


  1. love your top! :) looks like you definitely had a good time in Imperial! Hope to meet you one day, Hanz!

  2. I love the look! I want this top, it's great :)