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The Night Is Young

 Denim gives us all a throwback during the 1950's where it became popular with the young people. And so as the title of my post goes, wearing denim still gives you that young feeling like the nights in Hong Kong. Denim on denim ensemble never gets old because it gives you that comfort and style depending on how you put it up together. Ever since, I've always loved something denim because it's easy to pair with. I'm even happy that I found this denim shirt at H&M and they have it in XS size. I didn't bother to fit it anymore and rushed to the cashier right away.
You're probably wondering why I'm wearing too much H&M. Most probably it's not available in Cebu maybe for now, and I just love their products.
Sorry my shirt may look weird. Seriously, I never intended it to make it look that way it's because of my bag.
Lea Goes On film photo
H&M denim shirt
Bench v-neck shirt
Human acid wash jeans
Relic watch
Converse shoes

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