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Touchdown Hong Kong

Hong Kong finally! I still can't believe that me and my friends were able to come here for our school tour together with FIDA Cebu and Davao and SOFA students as well. Sorry for that tired look on my face because I was 24 hrs. awake since our flight but what else could we do, why not tour around Hong Kong straight from the hotel without sleep and rest? I could still remember my classmate telling me that I have unlimited energy. Oh well, never waste a day when traveling.

I'm even glad that I have a very talented friend, Lea Ann of leagoeson.tumblr.com. She's really good in taking photographs in film and digital as well. I will always be a fan of her. 

I chose to wear something stylish and comfortable at the same time. When in airports you should be able to move and feel comfortable until the end of your destination and I'm glad I did. No hassle and my shirt is just perfect to keep me warm. When we reached Hong Kong, we're glad that the weather is fine.

Forever 21 glasses
Guess watch
Penshoppe pants
Milanos shoes
What's your Hong Kong trip without trying the street food?

Had legit ramen for dinner after a long day and I can say that it's really good. From the noodles, the pork and the flavoring, makes this ramen oh so yummy.
Ended the night seeing the busy streets and the busy people. I love this city so much. Went back to the hotel and decided to try the tram for us to witness the city life at night.

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