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Schizo Weather

It's hard to put a smile on my face now that all these horrible things are happening recently here in the Philippines. From the storm that happened in Luzon which brought a lot of damage and the Cebu ship mishap with a lot of lost lives. I'm still trying to put a smile because I know the Filipinos can survive another tragedy. This time, let's give Mother Earth extra tender, love and care.
In the morning just in time you wake up, you can hear the wind whistling and blowing so hard that the trees almost give up and break. Sometimes, the sun shows up and it gets too hot and in the afternoon, heavy rain will come your way. It's always better to prepare for this schizo weather with an umbrella in your bag.
So glad I have this jacket from Adam and Eve apparel which is just perfect to protect me from the rain and cold. Talk about functionality and it's stylish at the same time.  
Oops don't be fooled by the sunshine on the pavements. It was raining during lunch time and the sun got back late in the afternoon.
Forever 21 fedora and gray shirt
Adam and Eve jacket
Guess jeans and watch
Aldo boots


  1. Hello Hanz :) Found your blog through WhatIWear. Hope things will be better in the Philippines! Cool jacket by the way :)

    xx Mandy

    1. Thank you Mandy Ooi. It's getting better now, thank God! Thank you :)

  2. Love this look like I love all your looks :)