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Green Prints

To be young and free. I'm sure you already have an idea where this outfit shot is taken. The green lights behind me just coincides with my green ensemble. Perfect timing isn't it? You know where this is? This was in St. James Amusement Park for One Music Philippines. An outdoor party with 50 DJ's all over the Philippines, spinning and giving you eargasms all for a good cause.
Amusement parks are always my thing. I can't stop going back to the crazy rides because it gives me that thrill and it keeps me running for it and so the song, Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun goes. Ahhhh, this even made me miss Disneyland so much. After all these catastrophic events taking place, I guess I'm giving Mother Earth a tribute by wearing an all green ensemble. It's really the time to fathom and reflect that Mother Earth needs to be taken care and be loved or else these natural disasters will haunt us for the rest of our lives. 
Favorite shorts for a hot day!
H&M shirt and shorts
Relic watch
Converse shoes
Forever 21 socks

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