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Don't Mesh With Me

Merry Christmas guys! Squeezing in some time blogging and finally despite the gloomy weather these past few days, I was still able to do my blogger duties. Hope this look isn't too late for you for this holiday. Last minute dress ups anyone? Raise your hands! 
'Tis the time to layer, fa la la la la, la la la la! One thing about the cold season is that you get to play with your clothes and layer. But due to this schizo weather, sometimes it's gets too hot and later on, rain will come. In a tropical country, you get that summer feel all year round. Layering for me is really not an option since I easily feel hot inside and sweat starts pouring out then on. A good tank top and cardigan would be fine for me but thick materials like leather + shirt + sweater under the scorching sun? Sorry, can't help it. You don't wanna smell odd everywhere you go right? I always go for comfort before style but if you want to break the rules, you can. It's up to you anyway.
This mesh top is perfect even if you still wear a shirt. The mesh cloth helps your skin breathe and feel the air but nothing much to reveal. Style and comfort wise. Just throw on your favourite shirt incase you feel cold. Plus, red and black is always one of my favourite combinations. When it comes to the Christmas Holidays, the colour red always get the scene, for me. I like how striking and bold the colours are. HAHA! I think someone from my shirt wants to eat someone. And that's it guys, go ahead. Dress up and enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear readers. Cheers!

 Creative Caprice (on Instagram) beanie
Topman oversized mesh top
Uniqlo shirt 
Converse shoes
Guess watch


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