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Pastel and Palm Trees

Finally a beach fix! Been craving for that perfect combination of sun, sea and sand. Time finally permits me to go to the beach. After all the busy and stressful days, I asked myself, why not give yourself a little reward? First thing in mind, I though of the beach! Imagined the scene where in I enjoy walking barefoot in the white sand, great food, the smell of sunblock and taking photos of the picturesque world. And to avoid myself from teasing with my imaginations, I finally decided to pack and grab my backpack and head to South of Cebu, Alcoy! And for more information about my trip to Alcoy, visit my personal blog, journeysandthoughts.tumblr.com
For my board shorts, I made this for a summer fashion show/competition and I'm glad it fits me too. The inspiration behind this is a perfect sunset in the beach thus the pastel orange cloth for the shorts and laser cut black silhouettes of palm trees. I always wanted to keep everything simple and clean at the same time. Nothing complicated.
My favourite sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie in Johnnie. Nothing beats a classic and black sunnies. So happy to have this pair and aside from being simple yet stylish, it fits me very well. Perfect for a hot, sunny day.
Forever 21 shirt
Board shorts designed and made by me
H&M sandals

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