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Cold Comfort

Hello guys, finally I'm back after a long hiatus but I'm already here with my first post for the year 2014. I know, I know, it's been really a long time since my latest post. Forgive me, for the busy days have come my way. But enough of the apologies, let me share to you my first winter experience. Who has winter in their bucket lists? When I found out that I'm flying to U.S.A. this February, I immediately asked my mom if it's still winter there and she said, yes, snow happens. And when I heard about it, I was very excited about it. I immediately thought of what to wear and how my photos would turn out. Haha! To be honest, I got really really excited about it since the movie Frozen was trending. Time to build a snowman ey?
During our second day, the snow showed up and my parents said it was a beautiful one since it's almost Spring here in Salt Lake City. I'm glad the weather was in favor! When I woke up late in the afternoon, peeked through the window and snow is happening! Couldn't keep my excitement so I took a bath, dressed up, and asked my brother to take photos of me and it turned out fine! The cold never bothered us anyway! LOL!
Had to buy this leather jacket from Forever 21 since I've been eyeing on a leather jacket for my closet. Finally, time came where in I can wear it. Such a good investment especially when you're living in a cold country. It's always important to keep yourself warm. I love how the jacket gives me this simple yet edgy look. Just enough to keep you looking stylish in this leather weather. Just so you know, I had 3 layers of clothes inside.You can always protect your head with a beanie but in my case, I chose a fedora since I always love a fedora! For winter essentials, you should always include gloves, your winter boots, and then, just throw in your favourite scarf and voila, are you ready to build a snowman? Haha! Kidding aside, can't wait to show you more photos. For details of my trip, it will be posted soon on my other blog, journeysandthoughts.tumblr.com so, watch out for it!
Calvin Klein fedora
American Eagle maroon jacket (inner)
Forever 21 leather jacket
Topman jeans
Forever 21 boots

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