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Wrapped in Black

It's starting to feel like fall/winter already. The cold weather is here. It was actually a free day for me, and I decided to take a stroll at Main Street, Park City before I have to buy something. When I got down from the bus, I passed by this empty site with this beautiful art on the wall. Guess, it's not empty after all haha. I asked myself? Why not take a photo with this amazing graffiti? I was so in love with it especially the colors. I wish Main Street would be covered with his beautiful artworks (@edtrask on Instagram). So cool to the eyes matching the cold weather. On to what I'm wearing, it's actually my fave ensemble. I will always love an all black ensemble on me. I will never get tired of wearing black. Never ever!

Calvin Klein fedora
Topshop t-shirt
Forever 21 leather jacket
H&M pants
Aldo boots

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