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New York Against The World

If you're not in a state of shock seeing me with an all black ensemble again, it means you know me all too well already. Winter dressing always equate dark colors for me. I may wear light colors as well but I'd still prefer the dark tones on me. Whatever floats your boat, you can always dress up whatever way you want to. Lately, I've been in the mood for monochromatic, which I still find it refreshing especially when you're walking in the snow. I've been making use of winter. It's a beautiful season to dress up and be comfortable in your outfit.

What I found something special in this post is that, I am wearing my very own designed pants which happens to be a part of my graduation/latest collection. Thank goodness it fits me well because I have been running out of pants already (oopsie). Glad I bought it here with me, which deals well with the cold and I can finally sing the line the cold never bothered me anyway. Frozen much? Haha.
It's official, winter is one of my favorite seasons already.

Forever 21 wide brim felt fedora
Forever 21 sweatshirt
Forever 21 moto jacket
Guess watch
Hanz Libato leatherette pants (part of my latest collection)
Dr. Martens boots

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