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Trench Coat Obsessed

Hello there my dear reader! Welcome to my very first post for the year 2015. I can't believe 2014 passed already. I won't bore you with this post of resolutions and such for 2015. You can refer my Instagram on what I am thankful for. So as what you have obviously seen in my photos, winter has totally taken it's toll on me. As I was taking photographs, snow was literally falling and it was a cold day. And if you want a close up photo of all the pretty snowflakes, you can check my Instagram as well. You can even see them gathered on my hair, and nope, it's not dandruff. Haha. Perfect day to wear my new and first coat. I'm not saying goodbye to leather jackets though but, trench coats are now my thing. It's a good thing to invest in coats especially in places where winter happens. If you still want to be stylish on the polar vortex season, trench coat never fails. I've been living on this sweater for days already. Hashtag clingy. How was your holidays? I'm sure you had a grandiose time. Hope to see you in my next post.

American Eagle sweater
Forever 21 trench coat
H&M jeans
Dr. Martens boots

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