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Spring Breaker

As we welcome the spring season, my friends and I decided to be adventurous and enjoy a therapeutic dip from the hot spring at Homestead Crater. It was a surreal experience for me. I thought I'd only see places like these on Tumblr. Seeing the mineral dome in person was breathtaking. The place is picturesque and I was lost for words when we arrived there. It was indeed magical and I still couldn't believe I was able to witness it. And for a little history of the the crater, it is a natural hot spring surrounded by a rock dome located in Midway, Utah. It's open year round to swimmers and scuba divers. It was accessed from a large natural opening at the top of the dome. It began forming 10,000 years ago, and is made of minerals deposited by the rising, heated spring water. It is 55 feet high with 90 degree water and you can enjoy a 40 minute stay in the place. Me and my friends totally had a grand time swimming, floating, snorkeling and taking underwater selfies. 127 Hours the movie was also filmed here. How awesome is that? We also went on top of the crater and enjoyed the beautiful view with a very lovely weather. I'd definitely come back here soon.

For more information of the place, you can click this link http://homesteadresort.com/utah-resort-activities/the-crater

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