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Feline Fatale

April 30th, 2015 marks the first anniversary of our graduation. To one of the most important throwbacks of my life, I can't believe it's been already a year since my first, 7 piece collection fashion show. To those who didn't know, I'm a Fashion Design graduate from Fashion Design Institute of Design and Arts Cebu. Feeling proud and fulfilled, I can't help it, but remember all the memories we shared at school, all the hard work, the laughter, the stress but after all, we accomplished our goals.

Onto the inspiration for my collection entitled Feline Fatale, the movie Catwoman was the main inspo for my collection. Our graduation theme was to find a movie and draw inspiration from it. Way back before preparing for the show, I've always imagined an all black collection. Edgy, fierce and sexy - those are the words that I would want to be seen in my collection. And when it was announced to us that movies will be our theme, I knew the movie Catwoman would best embody my collection. The execution of leatherette to form into clothes is really exciting. I find the material very simple, but with attitude. For that extra umff!, I added some gems and spikes to some of the pieces. If you know me too very well, you'd know how much love I have for spikes / studs. 

When my soundtrack started playing and the models started to walk the runway, I was very nervous and the same time, giddy. Never in my entire life have I thought of having a fashion show with my very own collection. It was indeed a dream that came true. With the support of my family, friends, teachers and especially God who gave me this talent, I am forever thankful. This experience is indeed one for the books. Wonder if I will ever have my next collection. 

Fashion is indeed a crazy ride and it's worth riding for. And always remember, never give up on your dreams. You will always reap what you sow.
xo, Hanz

Photos by Joseph Ong and team

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