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Shades of Grey

As much as the spring season is being celebrated to almost everywhere in the planet right now, sometimes you just can't help it but accept mother nature's mood. One day it's really sunny and cloudy here, and the next day, it's raining cats and dogs with a little bit of snow. But with no complaints, whatever the weather is, I'm always ready to live for the day. I have been a little M.I.A. because finally, I am employed and as my first ever job, I landed as an Apparel Associate. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I feel like I'm a legit adult now and being financially independent (sort of), is kind of an amazing thing. Enough of my personal story, let's talk about my grey on grey ensemble right here. When I saw this quilted jacket with detachable collar, I was kind of hesitant whether to purchase it or not since spring is here. But since it was on SALE, I took the chance to order it because, it's really a great deal. For a hundred bucks down to 30. Who doesn't live for 70% offs? I mean, you don't always have to spend lots on fashion. If it suits your budget and you know the quality is amazing, then go for it. Plus, living in this place where it's cold, it's really a great investment for me.

For that extra warm feeling, I chose to pair my jacket with my sweatshirt from H&M and my grey jeans also from H&M and found out it was an all grey look. I am one with the weather, grey and gloomy. But hey, I was feeling that all grey ensemble. Summer is just around the corner so who's excited to embrace the sun? Can't wait! 

ASOS quilted jacket with detachable collar
H&M sweatshirt
H&M skinny jeans
ASOS croc effect slip on sneakers

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