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Take A Hike

Oh! The joy of wearing basics on a beautiful summer day. Finally I was able to do some strenuous activities this summer. I promised myself that before winter comes, I will at least jog or hike. Thankfully, time permits and I was able to enjoy my day off and spent my day hiking Park City. I've been really busy lately so excuse me for the lack of posts. I am still updated on Instagram and Snapchat if you might wanna follow along. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and asked myself, why not go on a today? I got my ass up from slacking off, enjoying Netflix and staying in bed all day long. With a decision made, I dressed up comfy clothes which includes a basic v-neck shirt and sweatshorts from American Apparel. Comfortable enough to enjoy the warm weather and explore the outdoors. Plus, I've got the chance to wear my Nike Roshe's which I have for months already.

When hiking, wearing comfortable clothes is always the key to feel easy along the way. Without a doubt, summer is always a good idea for some adventures outdoors. Glad I was able to take a moment and enjoy the fresh air and witness the beautiful scenery of Park City. Thinking of jogging next week.
P.S., Don't forget to wear your sunscreen! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Ray-Ban sunglasses
Forever 21 v-neck
American Apparel classic sweatshorts
Nike Roshe Run

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