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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Photo Diary

Spent an entire day at Fort Lauderdale before we went on our cruise. Checked in to our hotel, went to look for a place to have dinner and definitely had a hard time finding one. Had to Yelp some places but when we went there, they're mostly closed. Then it started raining cats and dogs, got stuck at Walgreens for a few minutes and did some souvenir shopping for a while. Had to do more research at Yelp and finally found a restaurant near our hotel. Had to dine at Pei Wei (typical Asians looking for Asian food lol) and glad to say, food and service was definitely worth it after all the hike and being drenched under the rain. It would be awesome to have the day all sunny and bright but the weather wasn't cooperative at all. Humidity reminded me of the tropics and it started to feel like summer. Finally met the much needed RNR.

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