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New In: Givenchy Antigona Mini Striped and Balenciaga Mini Papier A4

You only turn 21 once right, so why not make it remarkable? I asked myself. I only wanted one purse which is the one from Balenciaga but when I saw the other purse from Givenchy, I died a little! Shopping at mytheresa.com was so addicting and they have so much pieces to choose from. Being torn between two lovers, can't help it but choose both. Two is better than one in some cases, right? Nothing wrong with treating yourself. As Beyoncé would sing, "I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it." Whatever makes your heart skip a beat, go for it! Thank me, life is short not to buy your favorite purse.

1. Givenchy Antigona mini striped (*love this one, this and this)
2. Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 (*another style here and here)

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