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Los Angeles, California Travel Diary

48 hours in Los Angeles isn't really enough. Visited the city few weeks back to see my classmate from fashion school. Flew in during my days off just to see her. Super impromptu trip makes fun decisions and it's my first time in LA too and also my first time traveling alone. Achievement unlocked.

Where To Stay:
I am very impressed with today's technology and the convenience it has brought. Airbnb was totally my savior from this trip. Booked my airbnb that I liked while I was on the way to work and voila! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! I stayed in Hollywood which was recommended by my friend. Although it didn't went as smoothly as I expected, it was still an experience. If you search Best Location on Walk of Fame! Hosted by Tess & Jonny, that's where I stayed. Literally the Hollywood Walk of Fame is just 3 minutes walk away from the building. It's so convenient to restaurants and bars as well retail shops and etc. Such young and hip environment. It was my first Airbnb experience and definitely not the last. Definitely coming back to LA and would have to stay a bit more longer. Almost missed my flight going back home due to LA traffic (not the best part) but I enjoyed my stay. To traveling alone and exploring new cities!

Where To Go and What To Do:
 Chino Hills. On my first day, I took an uber to Chino Hills were my friend and her family was staying. Spent the entire day with them. We went to Brea Mall, they did some shopping whilst I was window shopping. Haha. Various retails shops are present in this mall. Had pizza at Costco in the afternoon then went back to their home for a lovely dinner with them. It was so good see her again reminiscing our days from fashion school. #throwback

Beverly Hills. Explored LA on my last day, by myself. 90210. The zip code we're all familiar of. Spent only a few minutes at Beverly Hills. Fell in love with the towering palm trees, the retail shops as well as the fashion. 
Venice. Venice, California was my second stop during my last day. Wasn't really planning to go and I only had In N Out and Hollywood Walk of Fame in my mind before my flight that night. But I woke up extra early to prepare for a long day. Venice was hip and lively. Bought souvenir shirts from a shop in Muscle Beach. Graffitis on the palm tress was artistic with matching performers on the side. Probably the place were the 'cool kids' hang.

Santa Monica. Took a walk from Venice to Santa Monica. Fell in love with California even more. Santa Monica Pier was lovely with the warm weather and the smell of the ocean breeze. Definitely an Instagramer's dream. If interested in shopping after some time in the pier, head to Third Street Promenade. Various retails shops and restaurants are present as well. 

Hollywood. Before I headed back to my Airbnb, I made sure to experience In N Out first. I was starving after being a tourist at Venice and Santa Monica. Insert crying emoji here. Lol. Went to the one in Sunset Blvd which is just close to my Airbnb. Had Animal Style burger and Animal Style fries. It was a 3 out of 5 to me. Didn't live up to my expectation but would definitely have it again. After a sort of satisfying meal, went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame which is just 3 minutes away from my Airbnb. Did the usual stuff, take pictures, checked out all the stars on the floor lol and took more pictures.

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