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We have been covered with tremendous amount of snow this winter season and it's been really cold. Sundance Film Festival 2017 took place a few weeks back and showed friends around Park City. This puffer jacket is my new favorite. Good thing I found them in all black and a size that fits me well. Got them on sale as well. The fashion gods were calling me when I saw this jacket. Love the idea of the removable faux fur trim. I feel so basic wearing this jacket plus some Sorels but hey, comfort in fashion is always key for me. 20-degree weather got nothing on my ootd. Lol. Also, I never thought I would get me a pair of snow boots but in order to brave the moments walking in cold slush, foot warmers aren't enough so I deserve my first Sorels. Kept my feet warm although ain't used walking with it at all. 

4. Anarchy Street rings (*use discount code HANZ20 at checkout for some $$ off)

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