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Winter Run

Running is my favorite thing to do aside from working out at home. Yes, I still run during the winter season. It may be very cold out but once I started running and feel the adrenaline, it makes the weather bearable. I still pray for warm weather though. #noexcuses Whenever the sun comes out and its 35-40 degrees out, it's the perfect time for me to be out and about. Deer Valley is also my new favorite place to run. You get to see the beautiful snow covered mountains and pretty trees surrounding. If you are interested in running during the cold, here are some tips below. 

1. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. It may be freezing outside but when mister sun is showing up, make sunscreen your ultimate best friend. It is dry here in Utah unfortunately. Skincare is a must for me. I use Origins Plantscription SPF 25 perfect moisturizer cos it has SPF in it already. And if I want that extra coverage, Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen with SPF 50 is also a savior. 

2. Hydration is key. Make sure to drink enough water. I used to bring my water bottle with me whenever I run but it's kind of bothering me. I make sure to drink before and after my running session. One must always know the importance of staying hydrated when or not doing strenuous activities.

3. Comfortable clothing. If it was a nice hot summer day, short shorts would be my go to piece. But since winter season is here, skipping the skimpy outfit is a must. Long sleeved top with thermals underneath makes the weather acceptable for me. Plus leggings to cover your legs is a must. Pick your favorite running shoe too. Make sure it keeps your feet warm enough.

4. Good music. Beyoncé songs really keep me going. It gets me inspired to run and listening to music keeps me excited. Listen to some upbeat music. Trust me, it's gonna be a fun run.

1. New Balance top

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