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New In: Chanel Lambskin Espadrilles

I cannot contain my excitement for these new babies as I will be wearing them for an upcoming cruise trip. Summer is once again here people. Ever since I was in high school I suppose, I have been attracted to these Chanel espadrilles and of course, being in school and with no job yet, lusting on them over the internet especially fashion blogs was the only way it can suffice of me wanting a pair. Way back when I visited New York City last February, one of my goals was to find and buy a pair. This was considered as a Valentine's Day present for thyself too. It was a struggle at first as I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and they do not have my size so the gentleman recommended the Chanel store in 57th street. I had to hurry my way since they were almost closing but gladly, they have the style and size that I needed. Mission accomplished! So excited for the summer days already.

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