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My Cruise Closet

Hello from wherever you are in the world. Ever since I made a post about my New York closet here, it got a lot of views and this time, I am sharing you some items that I brought with me during my cruise vacation. It's my second time cruising and I love it. And always remember, as a fashion lover, it's always dress up time. The interior of my room was so awesome that this couch had to be the perfect background plus the artworks on the wall made it even more artsy. I hope you like this post as much as I had fun setting this up. Shopping links are located below. Enjoy and happy shopping!

2. Dior So Real sunglasses (*another style here and here)
8. Anarchy Street necklaces (*use discount code HANZ20 at checkout for some $$ off)
16. Zara bowling shirt (*love this one too)

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