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22 years of existence. Beyond grateful for another year of magic. I am so amazed how time flies so fast. One day you're 10 giving zero damn about anything and the next time, you woke up 22 and hustling a full-time job with the hopes of conquering the world. Having a long list of things to be thankful for every day, I consider myself blessed. Thankful for the constant love of my family, thankful for friends, good health and the roof above me.

 This year, I despised the materialistic me for my birthday gift. No designer shoes or handbags. Instead, I booked a trip to Tulum, Mexico at the end of August for another life experience. I find traveling alone to be liberating, as it gives you the time to decide for yourself and no one else. A time to explore more horizons not just geographically but also in yourself. As I mature through the passing days, I get to know myself a little more, discover my heart's truest desires, giving greater value for presence over presents, self-love and fueling the constant crave for peace, joy, and contentment. 

Life is indeed a beautiful winding road. Live it to the fullest! Love and let it be! xo

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