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San Juan, Puerto Rico Travel Diary

The second stop of our cruise is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Be prepared for a wonderful world of colorful infrastructures and cobblestone streets of Old Town, San Juan and the Miami, Florida vibe which is New Town, San Juan.

Where To Go and What To Do:
Old Town, San Juan. Colorful, instagrammable buildings are highly evident in Old Town. Wandering through the colorfuls alleys of Old Town and stepping through cobblestone streets makes you realize you are in another cultural landscape. It felt like you were in a different era. With the old buildings, it just proves that some things just get better with age. Old Town definitely is my vibe.

Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery. Our tour guide showed us the cemetery with an overlooking view of the ocean. The road was so tight to get there, like only one car can pass at a time but thankfully we were able to come and go easily. It is situated below Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Picturesque castle. We waited a few minutes for the castle to open. There's an entrace fee of $5. Prepare an exact amount especially when the castle just opened. One of the highlights of our Puerto Rico visit. You get to have a wonderful view of the ocean. Bad news, I wasn't able to find my prince in this castle. Lol.

New Town, San Juan. Just a few minutes away from Old Town, our tour guide showed us the New Town of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It felt like you are in the United States, Florida to be exact. We stopped by at a beach, took pictures and had to come back. 

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