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Labadee, Haiti Travel Diary

The last stop of our cruise was at a private resort called, Labadee, Haiti. As a matter of fact this was leased to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. We were greeted by a wonderful performance from the locals and it was such an awesome experience.

Where To Go and What To Do:
This village has a lot of activities packed for you. You can't really do traveling and exploring in this private island. Activities such as zipline and watersports are available. You can also take a dip in the beaches. Be really careful when going to the beach though since it's very rocky. A rock even bruised my knee at the beach and it's so hard to walk especially when you don't have water shoes on.
Flea Markets are abundant in the village. If you are interested in souvenir shopping, various shops are visible around every bend. I also scored a $5 stone from one of the shops. Such a great deal. The people are very friendly around the town as well.

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