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Tulum, Mexico Closet

What a joy it has been curating this closet. I don't know about you but I enjoy packing so much. From folding clothes, debating what outfit to pair with my shoes, to packing toiletries and what not, to squeezing in clothes so everything will fit in the luggage, that just makes me so excited for an upcoming trip. I just love organizing in general. Also, got my new luggage from Away and I had it monogrammed as well. Amazed how there are so many things that I can put inside my luggage. It's so easy to work around too. If you are interested in saving $20 for your purchase, click this link here: http://fbuy.me/f3ktJ

Pretty much for this trip, a huge percentage of what I packed are super comfy clothes. The basics for the beach such as swim shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. I came prepared to bare with humidity. I am so sad that summer is over. The temperatures started to drop and I am not yet ready for layers and layers of clothing. Who else is with me? Anyhooo, if you are interested in shopping some of the items that I packed or something similar, below is a direct shopping link for them. Hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did.

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