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Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa Pt. 1

I do not even know where to begin. This hotel is probably the most beautiful hotel that I have ever stayed. Recalling the beautiful moments that I spent in this hotel. Browsing through the pictures just made me remember such a wonderful vacation. I was so hesitant in booking this hotel because it was expensive but I just did it anyway and I was so proud of myself. Winged it and I felt like I was in heaven the minute I stepped in the hotel. I've read amazing reviews about this hotel, seen amazing pictures so I have decided to check it out myself. Greeted with the most hospitable staff, amazed with all the interiors of the resort, the beautiful scenery overall just made me so excited about my stay.

The whole theme of the resort is eco-related and to reconnect with nature. No wi-fi in your room, with the candles lit during the night, it was such a magical experience. Hearing the waves in the backdrop as you try to reconnect with the world, watching the beautiful stars sparkle in the beautiful Mexican sky, laying in the bed naked with sheer curtains covered is just absolutely liberating. Life is short and remember to make it amazing.

I stayed at the Sky Villa and it felt surreal. The moment I was shown my room, I felt so excited and emotional at the same time because it was just so magical. Beautiful would be an understatement. I couldn't stop taking pictures and every corner was just picture perfect. Welcomed with a refreshing guava juice while I try to take in the moment. Quenched thirst, excited to swim in the beautiful ocean and skinny dip in the night. Wishing to go back to this beautiful paradise.

I wisll share a part two of this diary so please stay tuned.

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