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Azulik Hotel Tulum & Maya Spa Pt. 2

I was enjoying a wonderful time swimming and playing with the waves of the beach. There were only a few people around in the resort and I saw this man and he called me and showed me a box of baby turtles that they have saved as the resort has birthing grounds for turtles. And then, he told me to take a picture of them and then made me look at the beautiful sunset. What a magical moment indeed. I took snaps of the wonderful sunset, and as the sun fades away, the hotel staff lights up the candles in the hotel rooms and the pathways to the hotel. It was pretty dark and I got lost for sure finding my villa. But thankfully, they have staff around that were watching and they take you to your villa and they have flashlights with them on too. I was embarrassed cos I got lost a couple times but oh well. For sure, I'm not the only one who got lost. 

Then I got ready for the night and had dinner at their Cenote Bar which was just near my room. Didn't want to walk further cos for sure someone's gonna be escorted to his villa again. Hahaha. The food in Cenote Bar is so good that I literally had two meals. I wanted all seafood since I've missed eating fresh ones. The chef was shocked how much I ate. Hahaha. It's pretty cool too that they cook the food in front of you. I also had breakfast in the same restaurant the next day after my yoga class and it was so good.

After dinner, I headed back to my room, no wi-fi available, and decided to reconnect. I was having a hard time sleeping so I decided to stay on my balcony and watched the stars. It was so beautiful to look at. The photo that I took wasn't even enough to suffice the real beauty of the Mexican sky. I highly recommend spraying mosquito repellent since they are rampant and they will really feast on you if you won't. They have ceiling fan inside but it's not enough. 

I was greeted with a wonderful sunrise in front of my balcony and the cool sea breeze. Took a dip in the tub and read a few pages of my book as I watch the sky change its color and do its magic. Said a little prayer and couldn't be thankful enough of that moment, for everything and for the upcoming experiences. Then I headed to my yoga class at their yoga dome and it was indeed another amazing experience. To be inside the dome with an amazing teacher equals a wonderful practice. I couldn't ask for more. It felt like I was dreaming. 

I had the most wonderful stay at Azulik. The hospitality of the people working there is just beyond words. Such wonderful and courteous people. The experiences you get to do at the resort will leave you absolutely satisfied and fulfilled. I traveled solo and it was a good experience as well. The resort is known for honeymooners, but I had a wonderful time being alone. If I were to rate my overall experience, it's gonna be a 10 out of 5. Totally exceeded my expectations. Kudos to everyone working in Azulik. I definitely want to go back here and spend a great time again. Time to save up money so I can come back. Looking forward to that day.

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