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Cenotes Casa Tortuga

On the fifth day of my Mexico trip, Cenotes Casa Tortuga was first on the line of the tour that I booked. The place has a couple of cenotes to visit. We had an awesome tour guide and also was gracious enough to take us through the woods and discover each beautiful cenotes. I recommend bringing a mosquito repellent with you as the mosquitoes are rampant throughout the journey. I didn't bring one with me but I sprayed before I left for the tour and the mosquitoes are still coming to me which was annoying. I literally thought I'm gonna get the virus after the trip but I was absolutely fine. Just a heads up, bring insect repellant with you!

Every cenote is beautiful and unique of its own. My tour guide and the members of my group were adventurous enough to go swim in each cenote and I was feeling guilty with all the repellent that I have on my body so I decided not to take a dip. The chemicals in the repellent brings harm to the waters. I wish tourists are aware of this though. So I decided to not swim, I just took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. 

The clear waters of the cenotes is just so beautiful to look at. I heard the waters were very cold despite the hot summer temperature. It was indeed a wonderful experience and this is one of the highlights of my Mexico trip. If you guys ever decided to visit the Cenotes of Casa Tortuga, make sure to take lots of pictures and then live life to the fullest! Enjoy swimming and thank God for everything. I miss you Tulum!

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