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Gran Cenote and Playa del Carmen

From the wonderful sunny weather to the cool Listerine waters, you are surely in for a treat when visiting Tulum, Mexico. There are so many places to see when in Tulum. It was actually one of the travelers during my trip to Chichen Itza who recommended Gran Cenote. I was convinced by her words describing how amazing it was out there and told me that I can take a cab if I wanna go there. I told myself to give it a try and I did not check Google about the place to surprise myself. When I went there, it was pretty early so there was no crowd. Gran Cenote is indeed a magical place. I wish my photo diary would provide justice but it was just so magical out there. The waters were clear and cold. I took photos for a bit and decided to take a quick dip and enjoy the cenote. You can even see little turtles swimming. I am so glad I went there. I would also recommend bringing your own towel if you don't want to spend on towel rentals. They also have lockers available for rent as well. Nevertheless, I am a hundred percent sure you will enjoy Gran Cenote as much as I did.

Later in the afternoon, I took a cab and head down to Playa del Carmen as recommended by my workmate. Playa del Carmen has more of a city vibe. I did most of my souvenir shopping there since there are lots of stalls and shops available and the prices were reasonable too. If you like the city life and still wanna enjoy the beach, Playa del Carmen might be your type. I'm still drawn to the peaceful Tulum. I enjoyed a churro while walking around the city, got lost but still made my way back where the cab driver dropped me off. It was indeed an adventure. I miss Tulum so bad, I wanna go back!

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