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Shades of Brown

Missing summer weather and the ease of wearing comfy clothes. Most likely, this is one of my favorite outfits ever. Different shades of brown for the summer instead of me wearing an all-black outfit. Different shades of brown matches very well from my summer tan. The top that I'm wearing is so light that it makes the humidity in Mexico bearable. The material is viscose which is suitable for the climate. It gives enough ventilation for your skin to breath and of course, looking stylish is never a hindrance to this outfit. I love how shopping in Asos gives me the idea of what look I'm going for because they have so much amazing pieces. Browsing is never a sore. Online shopping is always convenient when it comes to Asos. Most of the pieces that I brought with me to this trip is from the website.

I got these gladiator sandals (I also like to call it Jesus' sandals) on the website and it was on sale. Perfect timing that they have it in my size. It's so good I got it in black leather too. It gives that illusion of you having to put an effort in a look even though it's just a five-minute ensemble. Comfort is also key for all the walking involve and this pair indeed passed the test. I can't wait for it to be summer again so I can rock these sweet boys.

Evident skin, endless blue waters, oh how I crave for the summer days. I'm still finishing my Mexico trip so it makes me miss the beach so bad. My workmate right now is in Mexico enjoying the warm weather while I'm about to face a snow day tomorrow. Oh well, not complaining!

1. Lack of Color The Oracle fedora
2. Asos necklace
3. Asos viscose shirt
4. Asos swim shorts
5. Asos gladiator sandals

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